Our Legal Team

Since 1914, the experienced attorneys at Schaller, Campbell and Untied, LLC in Newark, Ohio, have provided businesses and residents legal advice and representation in Municipal, Common Pleas, Probate, and Domestic Courts.

Our attorneys focus on Estate and Trust Administration, Estate Planning, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Divorce and Family Law, and Personal Injury.

Our Services

The estate planning process begins with a meeting to discuss your estate, your goals and objectives, your family’s needs, your charitable interests, and the proper manner in which to help you achieve your desires.

The probate and estate administration attorneys at Schaller, Campbell & Untied, stand beside your family throughout the probate process and the settling of the deceased’s estate. We understand this can be a difficult time for the grieving family.

Business Law

Businesses both small and large in Licking and surrounding counties turn to the experienced attorneys at Schaller, Campbell and Untied, to handle an array of business and corporate legal matters.

The attorneys at Schaller, Campbell and Untied have great experience in real estate law representing commercial, governmental, and residential clients.  While not exclusive, the following is a list of matters Schaller, Campbell, and Untied is prepared to handle.


Schaller, Campbell and Untied take the time to understand your divorce or dissolution case, listen to your unique circumstances, and deliver knowledgeable, clearly understandable explanations on your range of legal options.

Family Law

As family law-domestic relations experts, we also handle the complex and joyous occasion of adopting a child. In addition, we represent clients in cases involving grandparents’ rights, juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, restraining orders and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

After an accident, it is important to have a skilled and experienced legal team representing your interests. At Schaller, Campbell & Untied, our goal is to stand by your side throughout the legal process.

Our attorneys strive to insure that our clients understand their legal rights and obligations and the consequences of any decision. If you have taken the time to visit our office, you deserve to leave our office with a clear understanding of the recommendations and advice we have given you.

Request an Appointment

Our attorneys are available to meet in person, by phone and can always be reached by email. Many of our clients prefer to exchange correspondence by email; others would much rather meet with us face to face. In either case, our attorneys set aside time to discuss your situation and address your questions.